Richard Tyler Epperson – Another Day

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Richard Tyler Epperson is a singer-songwriter with an exciting new project on the way. His 6 six song EP Another Day is set to release on October 15. The EP features a mainly acoustic sound that has a driven and upbeat feel to it. Each song is as calming […]

Honyock – “Boutonnière”

“Boutonnière” is a captivating track from Los Angeles-based quartet Honyock. The nostalgic piano and slight symphonic backing exude a psychedelic glow from the get-go. Vocals arise with a similarly hypnotic poignancy — “it’s hard to know if this is real, when I am constantly alone.” Strings, keys, and guitars converge as the vocals ascend melodically, […]

Amortentia – “Rainstorm”

The gorgeous “Rainstorm” crafts a dreamy and inviting sound that feels like, and is inspired by, taking “shelter from the rain.” The track marks the striking debut of Australian artist Amortentia, a 23-year-old crafting dreamy psych-pop from home. Haunting vocals and lush acoustics set the stage, the subsequent chorus conveying a title-referencing hypnotic yearning, reminiscent […]

Vancouver band Dacey releases new single “LUV U A LIL BIT”

Vancouver based Indie Pop band Dacey, led by front-woman Dacey Andrada, has just released their latest single, “LUV U A LIL BIT”. The group, who met at Nimbus School of Recording and Media in Vancouver, has been releasing music together since 2019.  Dacey’s new single showcases their continued growth as well as a further exploration […]

The Warning releases incredible new EP MARTIRIO

With an incredible Rock sound and more than one language to share it with, The Warning is going to be your new favorite band. Based out of Mexico, the three women who make up The Warning are going to be the new face of Hard Rock. Their new EP, MARTIRIO is just the tip of […]