CROSSING THE RUBICON Returns with “Anthologies Vol. 1″ EP

After breaking into the live music scene in Ohio in support of their debut LP Matter opening for major acts such as Yngwie Malmsteen and The Summer Slaughter tour in late 2019, Crossing the Rubicon returns with their latest EP entitled Anthologies Vol. 1 out today, May 14th, 2021.

This jazz influenced mash-up of heavy riffing progressive metal and smooth fusion dives deep into the band’s origins with a revisit to fan favorite tunes of the past. The EP is available for streaming on SoundCloud here.

Coalescing their multiplex of musical talents, unique experiences and influences from across the globe, Dayton-based band express their collective emotional drivers through their off-kilter breed of instrumental Progressive Metal.

Crossing the Rubicon are currently sitting on a healthy discography of two EPs (Ascension, Bloom), two singles (“The Sum Of All Things,” “The Oneiroi”), and a full-length LP (Matter).

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