Arkells – Blink Once

Many of the album’s other tracks deal with the usual stories of love (One Thing I Know, Arm In Arm), relationships (All Roads, No Regrets) and breakups (Truce). While they’re not to be disregarded, they don’t offer much that we haven’t heard on the band’s previous albums. Arkells remain at their strongest and best with standout tracks such as Years In The Making, swagger Swing Swing Swing and of course K.Flay featured hit single You Can Get It. It is these kind of songs that come closest to their captivating live shows (which are desperately missed) and where the five piece have the most impact.

With Blink Once, fans don’t need to think twice. The album is an obvious continuation of Arkells’ discography. For new listeners, the record delivers mostly on its singles but still has enough replay value and the occasional gem to discover.

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