The Warning releases incredible new EP MARTIRIO

With an incredible Rock sound and more than one language to share it with, The Warning is going to be your new favorite band. Based out of Mexico, the three women who make up The Warning are going to be the new face of Hard Rock. Their new EP, MARTIRIO is just the tip of the iceberg.

MARTIRIO features three tracks, two in English and a title track in Spanish. This project is the epitome of Femme Rock. It is angry and driven in a way that keeps you listening. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, “MARTIRIO” has an energy that tells you exactly how to feel. It is indescribable the way this band poses their emotion into their music.

The original single from this EP is a song titled “CHOKE”. This track, recorded in English, showcases the lead singer’s gorgeous and raw vocals. This song provides an amazing depiction of her range and the bold lyricism that the band utilizes. It is truly brilliant.

The Warning is a Femme Rock band to keep an eye out for. They are truly amazing artists and their new EP, MARTIRIO, is an obsessable collection of tracks. It is more than worth checking out.

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