The Greeting Committee is back with new album Dandelion

The Greeting Committee has been a force to be reckoned with over the last year. The energetic Indie Pop band has been hard at work, with a collection of projects and releases. Most recently, they’ve come out with a new album called Dandelion. This collection of tracks is as fun as it is deep and insightful.

Dandelion features 10 songs, each with an incredible story to tell. From tracks as incredible as “Ada”, which tells the story of a Trans woman, to a title track that is all about growth. The Greeting Committee took their time to perfect this one and you can hear it in every note. 

The entire project has an unmatchable energy. It is exactly the kind of music you need to be listening to as we come into the fall season. It is airy and beautiful but still filled with incredible messages. The Greeting Committee really did an incredible job with this one.

Be sure to check this album out. Whether you’re a fan of their To All The Boys soundtrack songs or a newcomer to the world of The Greeting Committee, this is the album for you. Dandelion truly has something for everyone on it. 

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