Modern Angst in kristen conti’s “Tired of Feeling”

Pop punk stylistics and bedroom pop sensibilities propel the new single from conti’s album Motions released this year.

“Tired of Feeling” begins with an undulating rush, as if blown in by the wind, and eases into its verses from there, letting the percussive strums of electric guitar enter the foray when the time is right. The latest release from kristen conti plays with such timing in a clever way, allowing the song structure to breathe between the harder, guitar-driven sonics of its chorus and the open spaces found within its verses. This approach adequately reflects the emotional turmoil of conti’s lyrics, and is one of the star factors in setting it apart from other works in the pop punk genre today.

The other, of course, being conti’s decision to approach the rhythm section with effectively lofi electronic elements- drum machines and synth bass underscore the dynamics of the guitars and her pointed vocal delivery in a way that conventional low end production cannot. There is a decidedly sheeny feel to the song that immediately places it into the context of the present-day, propelling the instrumentation forward in a way that many acts have yet to embrace in what can be a frustratingly nostalgic genre at times. One of conti’s noted reference points is pop breakout Olivia Rodrigo, whose own “good 4 u” brought fresh perspective to pop punk’s dependable, if not sometimes repetitive, soundscape earlier this year.

“Tired of Feeling” is a ride through conti’s songwriting with enjoyable scenery throughout and offers a great taste of the talent she offers. You can hear it as well as her new album Motions anywhere you stream music!


Review by Bobby Guard


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