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Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Richard Tyler Epperson is a singer-songwriter with an exciting new project on the way. His 6 six song EP Another Day is set to release on October 15. The EP features a mainly acoustic sound that has a driven and upbeat feel to it. Each song is as calming as it is intriguing and you just cannot seem to stop listening to it.

Epperson’s voice seems to fit the lyricism in an effortless kind of way that makes each song all the easier to fall in love with. The style of Epperson’s music has an acoustic Pop feel that could draw in almost anyone. It is light and airy in a beautiful kind of way.

Richard Tyler Epperson
Richard Tyler Epperson

Another Day was a project that Epperson picked up after taking a seven year hiatus from releasing music. He chose to build an in-home studio and focus on the project after spending his time gaining a lifetime’s worth of inspiration. His music, now built off of family and fatherhood and the life he has experienced, is truly an honest depiction of who Epperson is.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out this Epperson, take the time to do it now and keep an eye out for this exciting EP that he is about to release.

Watch the video for “Tonight (Wicked Lies)” on Youtube below or pre-save here:

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