Introducing: i.V KiNG – The Ballad

Aside from being a singer/songwriter, i.V KiNG is also a multi-instrumentalist and producer. Her roots are in the Midwest, but at the moment she lives somewhere between being an unrequited young love story and becoming a queer royalty.

In The Ballad, there’s instrumentation present that contributes to the distinctive sound that it has. Drums and keys keep the song flowing and the atmosphere lively. i.V KiNG emphasizes each sentence with her powerful voice.

When talking about the track, she says: ”I wrote this song as a forgiveness song. I’m glad you didn’t stay is something we can rarely say until the dust has settled and we can see things from a different perspective. I am a queer artist, so the inspiration for many of the songs I write/produce is to increase LGBTQ+ visibility and storytelling in the pop culture and music space. Though, this song was written from that lens, I do feel this story is relatable to almost anyone who has been through heartache or loss. I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do.”

Check out The Ballad below!

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