Unsigned Artist? Feature On Our 3 Spotify Playlists.

Unsigned artist? The best music discovered on Right Chord Music is added to one of our three Lost On Radio, Spotify Playlists.

Lost On Radio Podcast

Lost On Radio began life as the name of our Podcast in 2010. We recorded almost three hundred episodes. The Podcast was created to showcase incredible unsigned artists from around the world. As the name suggests our aim was to champion artists overlooked by radio or pushed to the late-night fringes. To date, the Lost On Radio Podcast has attracted listeners from over 175 different countries. You can find the show on all good Podcast players including Spotify, aCast and Entale.

Lost On Radio Playlists

The editorial team at RCM now lovingly curate three ever-evolving Lost On Radio Spotify Playlists, to champion the best new unsigned artists and independent music we discover.

Lost On Radio Explorer

Lost On Radio Explorer is our original and biggest playlist, it’s designed for the most intrepid musical explorers. Discover incredible unknown and undiscovered artists.

Lost On Radio Breezy

We recognised our Explorer playlist might be a little heavy for some people, so we recently launched Lost On Radio Breezy a collection of upbeat and breezy new and undiscovered indie gems discovered and curated by the Right Chord Music new music blog.  As is the RCM way all music is from unsigned and independent artists.

Lost On Radio Fresh Retro

​Our third playlist ‘Fresh Retro’ transports you back to a time when life was easier. This playlist contains new music with a retro sound and retro classics that still sound fresh.

How do I get my music on a Lost On Radio playlist?

Any music submitted to the Right Chord Music Blog will automatically be considered for Lost On Radio Playlist inclusion. Alternatively, if you just want to submit to the playlists without the blog head to the Soundplate website.

Lost On Radio Music Discovery T-Shirts

Wear, share and support incredible new music! Our QR code enabled music discovery t-shirts are available now in our shop.

Lost On Radio playlist QR code t-shirts

Scan the QR Code on the t-shirt to discover new music via our Lost On Radio Explorer playlist. Profits from the sale of every t-shirt are reinvested to promote the playlist and the unsigned artists that feature on it.

Why Lost On Radio is important for unsigned artists

Daytime radio is dominated by major label artists. Consequently, as an unsigned artist, it is incredibly difficult to secure daytime radio play-listing. Hiring a radio plugger is expensive and for unsigned artists, the cost frequently outweighs the returns. Faced with these challenges Spotify provides a powerful alternative way for unsigned artists to build buzz and earn an income.

Although landing a place on an official Spotify editorial playlist can have a dramatic impact on your income, competition is fierce. Therefore, getting your music on independent playlists like Lost On Radio can provide a vital stepping stone to build online buzz to get on Spotify’s radar.

RCM Recommends on The Daydream Club Presents Podcast

The Daydream Club Presents is a weekly music discovery show hosted by Adam and Paula Pickering (aka The Daydream Club). Expect a diverse and eclectic mix of music spanning alternative, ambient, electronic, Indie-folk, and experimental music.

Unlike a typical Podcast, every Stream goes to the featured artist, so show your support by listening, following and sharing. Any music discovered on The Daydream Club Presents Podcast can also be easily dragged and added to your own playlists. This is music discovery made easy.

The duo play music from their influences, personal favourites, talented friends and provide exclusive behind the music insights into their own creative process.

Right Chord Music is proud to support the show. Each week we delve into our blog and playlist archives to select one incredible unsigned or independent artist to feature on the Podcast.

Leave a voice message for the show here: https://anchor.fm/the-daydream-club/message


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