Nora Lilith The RCM Interview

Purveyor of dark, introspective and otherworldly sounds, Nora Lilith has recently released her debut EP ‘Daysof8’. Overflowing with curiosity and intrigue, Nora’s first Ep project is utterly spellbinding and represents an ongoing inner journey of self-exploration and discovery for the artist.

We caught up with Nora Lilith to unpick and unravel her artistic journey so far, the creative process behind the ‘Daysof8’ EP and what comes next for this exciting, genre-defying artist.

​​Hi Nora Lilith, welcome to Right Chord Music. Thank you for joining us today, we really appreciate your time.

Thank you for having me!

To give our readers a heads up, please give us a brief introduction of you and your music.

I’m an autodidactic singer/songwriter/producer working with DIY sounds somewhere along the lines of lo-fi experimental bedroom pop, with an interest for trip-hop, jazz, house, and generally unconventional sounds.

You’ve recently revealed your debut EP ‘Daysof8’, what was this process like for you? The highs, the lows?

It’s been quite a learning curve, especially in the ways it illuminated things about my relationship to my music, and to releasing. Initially, I gave myself about a month or two to write most of the tracks. It was exhilarating to find a process that would condense my creative work like that. But was also a dissociative experience in some ways as I’ve generally, since then, been growing in awareness of how I’ve never truly learned how to be in rhythm with myself creatively.

That my anchor into music sort of got lost at sea, and I’d been instead outsourcing my creative drive and intentions. So I think at different stages of the creative process as well as during the release itself I was plagued with anxiety and self-criticism. In a weird way though, I think these lows made way for some of the highs, as all growth comes from discomfort. 

I’ve also never had a publicist or worked with a label before so that was definitely an exciting change; it felt great to have support and not feel like I carried the weight of a project all alone. 

What would you say your favourite track is on the EP?

Hmm, I’d say either Daysof8 or Yolk probably. I still feel tethered to my juvenile excitement that came from using Alterboy for the first time, so these tracks felt vocally expressive to me in a different way; in their tonality.

What’s the most rewarding part of making music for you?

The moments I’m singing and able to tap into the deepest parts of myself through tonal and lyrical expression. I feel transported, blissful, a sort of out-of-body experience where I instead wholly embody the sounds that wrap around me.

What would you say you love most about being a music maker?

I think expanding on that last response, I love the opportunity music gives me to connect with and develop a deep sense of intimacy with my soul. It sort of feels like a bridge between two worlds, an access point where I can meet with myself away from the rest of the world.

You used to be a part of electronic duo NÄM, how would you say this differs from your current project?

NÄM had a very different sound, it was more overtly pop I’d say. I also wasn’t producing in NÄM, I actually didn’t know how yet, so this solo project is very special to me as it gives me the opportunity for more creative control. My voice was also so different back then! Haha, it always blows my mind a little when I listen back to those older tracks, and how much my voice has evolved in that time.

What did you learn from your time as one half of NÄM?

For one, coming out of the project I learned that I am capable of pursuing my creative vision on my own, which is something I had doubted during. Throughout NÄM I definitely learned a lot of technicalities about the music world, performing, and the industry. I was also introduced to Ableton which is the software I now use to produce.

Any plans for any live shows/tours in the not too distant future?

Honestly, no! I haven’t made any live show plans, I don’t even have a live set figured out right now. It’ll come though, at some point haha.

What’s next for Nora Lilith?

I’m planning on moving back to Berlin come summer 2022. I’m curious to see how that re/directs my music journey. My priority right now creatively is giving myself the time and patience to build a healthier relationship with my music, tapping back into my authentic expression. What may or may not come of that in terms of releases I just don’t know yet! I do have tracks for days though so you’ll be seeing more eventually

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