Close To Monday – “SPLIT”

The European duo Close To Monday has a smooth Alternative sound that pairs perfectly with their slightly ominous Electronic edge. The band’s new single “SPLIT” is an incredible example of this sound with a brilliant synthy beat and a silky vocal line. “SPLIT” is the band’s first release since the album they put out in spring of 2021.

“SPLIT” has a unique feel to it, truly showing off this group’s ability to create music that has meaning and energy. While many have blended the sounds of Alternative and Electronic, none have done it with the sheer beauty of Close To Monday.

This duo was formed as a single artist’s collective in 2019. He began with the intention of creating a new strain of Indie Electronic music for the contemporary. The other half of this group joined in 2021, and from there they went on to release an album that made the Top 10 in the German Alternative Charts.

Close To Monday is a new and exciting group that is sure to continue releasing incredible tracks and projects, much like “SPLIT”. If you haven’t had the chance to check out this band, now is most certainly the time to do it.

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