Rocker Greg Hoy Set to Fill The Void That Neil Young Left on Spotify

“Old Man and The Cinnamon Girl”, the new EP of Neil Young cover songs as performed by Singer/Songwriter Greg Hoy is now available on Bandcamp, Spotify and all the major services.




“The fervor over Neil Young’s removal of his music from Spotify inspired me to help other listeners that still want to hear his music on the platform. I have enjoyed Spotify for years as a listener, a Spotify artist, and music fan”, said Rock Musician, Businessman and Daddy – Greg Hoy.

He continued “As someone that does not want to give further money to Amazon – where Young and the holding company that owns his music now encourage his fans to go – I felt covering these songs a worthy endeavor. I myself suggest fans use Bandcamp for all their digital music listening, however, I feel Spotify is a great sounding agnostic platform available at a very respectable price point for all”.

These four Neil Young songs – “Old Man”, “Cinnamon Girl”, “Needle”, and “Are There Any More Real Cowboys?” – help keep Neil Young’s ‘old man’ spirit alive, and are available without the need for picking and choosing different streaming products based on questionable rationale!

The drums, performed by legendary James Brown ‘Funky Drummer’ Clyde Stubblefield, were purchased from artist-owned Yurt Rock. Though Clyde is no longer with us, a portion of these sales go toward his scholarship fund.

Greg continued, “Stubblefield’s playing was often sampled and used without any compensation. This felt like a great chance to help give back almost directly to an artist in some way.”


East Bay, CA-based songwriter Greg Hoy – who’s recorded with Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies), Sylvia Massy (Johnny Cash, Tom Petty), and John Vanderslice (Spoon, Nada Surf) – toured 25 dates across the US in the fall of 2021 supporting his latest vinyl LP release ‘Cacophony’. Comparisons to Jack White, Tom Petty, and Brittany Howard aside, the veteran songwriter has been a long time critical favorite. Hip-hop icon Ice-T appeared in his recent music video for ‘Can You Take It?’ which was nominated for a California Music Video Award. Picked to take part in the 2021 Durango Songwriters Showcase for Film & TV, his songs have been heard on networks such as the CW, HBO, and MTV, as well as in commercials for Pinterest, Adobe, and American Express. Time Out NY says ‘Hoy’s music is fueled by straight up melodicism.’ Red Red Wine on a Sunday says ‘Greg’s records are deep – like peeling layers off an onion – each song is a revelation!’ Broken 8 says his work ‘shines with a focused punk rock swagger.’

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