Introducing: Victoria Carbol – Picket Fence Girl

Victoria Carbol’s first queer pop anthem, Picket Fence Girl, tells the story of a breakup. It’s for those who have been left behind. You might recognize yourself in the lyrics. Victoria isn’t shy about telling the truth about how she feels about her former partner. She reveals all of her frustrations and anger toward this person.

According to Victoria, we’re all emotionally connected. She hopes to make listeners feel less alone and more understood. I believe that’s what motivates her to share stories with others. Picket Fence Girl allows you to scream along to the lyrics, and you’ll probably feel a lot better afterwards.

Working with producer Steve Vito has led to a cohesive sound. Picket Fence Girl starts acoustically but ends on a strong note. With that knowledge, it’s not hard to guess that the production involves significant attention to minor details.

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