Three Must Listen to Releases by Carli Brill, Retro Video Club, and SYLLO.

I love the electric guitar in this track, it sets the mood perfectly. Carli’s vocals are dreamy and intoxicating. There’s a fun and unexpected vibe change about a minute and a half into the song. My favorite part of the song is when the bass drops in and the electric guitar rhythm shifts its’ groovy rhythm. The vocals and production of this song will remind you of the strong vocals from an earlier time. This is a perfect to slow dance to with someone special on Valentine’s Day. Check out “Concrete Jungle” on Spotify and SoundCloud.

“Faking” by Retro Video Club

Cue the video montage! I see this song being huge on Instagram reels and TikTok. The instrumental elements and the vocals fit together perfectly. This indie rock anthem is strong enough to be featured on TV or in a major motion picture. The chorus will have you head banging and singing along right away. Talk about a crowd pleaser, I’d love to hear this live! Check out “Faking” on Spotify and YouTube.

“Not In The Mood” by SYLLO

SYLLO brings the punk vibes to this pop rock track. The electric guitar switches between the perfect amount of heaviness to some really catchy pop riffs. The drums set the strong undertone of this song. The drum and guitar breakdown has to be one of my favorite parts of this one. SYLLO’s vocal tone will have you listening to “Not in The Mood” on repeat. Check it out on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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