The One Time The Show Didn’t Go On :-(

The Year 1984 ish… Early Summer

Band: Neon Nights

Venue: The Chicago Speakeasy

I had a day gig delivering body shop materials at this time and had driven past ‘The Chicago Speakeasy’ many times and thought “Man that would be a nice place to play”. The venue served dinner on tables with white table cloths before the show, and the stage was covered with red carpet. The Maître d’ wore a suit and the band had to wear business attire with a tie.

In high school I had a crush on Becky. I heard she was singing in a band that was playing at ‘The Chicago Speakeasy’. Something that made playing there even more of a mystique!

So somehow, I guess through osmosis, I got Joel to book the gig – 2 nights, Friday & Saturday.

We had finished our 1st set on Friday and while on break I decided to have a beer.

I had about half my beer left and took it on stage to sip on during the second set.

1,2,3,4 into the first song, and ‘what the?’ I’m thinking. I felt extreme nausea.

Somewhere during the first chorus, trying to end the song, I stood up, smashed my cymbals and counted (yelled) 1,2,3,4 – the guys tried to keep going as they stared at me – Exit stage left! Straight to the bathroom! And, well you can imagine…

After some minutes I was able to go straight to my car and somehow drive home.

After a good night’s sleep I awoke feeling fine?

I called Joel to explain what had happened. – I had a 24 hour flu bug.

(This was one of maybe three times in my life when I’ve reacted very violently to the flu)

I think he was a little PO’ed, a little humored, and a little embarrassed for me.

So on Saturday night the Maître d’ didn’t even believe my story.

I’m sure he thought I’d just had too much to drink.

Had fun that night! Our last?

I found out later that the band, thinking I would return, had Kevin sit in on the drums for a couple of songs before calling it a night.

I ran into Becky at a restaurant some years later. She told me she was married and still living in Arvada. I think I was able to murmur daaaa, ba ba, thaaaaaa, duhh!?!?


Neon Nights

Kevin Loving – Guitar/Vocals

Joel Humphrey – Keyboards/Vocals

Frank – Guitar/Vocals

Lew The Drummer Gundy

Jim McLaughlin – Bass/Vocals

Kevin Loving | Joel Humphrey | Frank | Lew The Drummer Gundy | Jim McLaughlin

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