Auditorium’s re-release of Be Brave is the thing to look out for

Spencer Berger, also known as Auditorium, is an artist with a passion for music and a mind that thrives in creating challenges for himself. In 2011 he set out to create an album using only his guitar, his bass and his voice. Now in 2022, Be Brave has been re-released with an extra ten demos. It is the perfect way to commemorate the debut of such a truly interesting artist.

Be Brave originally featured fourteen tracks. The newest version of the project still contains those fourteen original pieces. It also features nine other, never before released songs and one that has only ever been performed live.

Each song on Be Brave has a unique and beautiful feel to it. The songs express a time when Auditorium had been working through scary and uncertain experiences and making his way to a brighter side. Not only is the project gorgeously relatable, it follows an artist in a way that is truly honest.

Tracks such as “Oh, My Desperate Soul” and “Saturday Soldier” have deep emotional presentations and intricate melodies that make them easy to get lost in. The demos on the album are fun and bubbly. “Young” the live recording, has an energy that simply brings you to life. Every track on this album has something new to offer.

Auditorium has an exciting collection of tracks that you could easily get lost in listening to. Whether or not you were a fan of the original release, this is a must listen. Be Brave is an album that will bring you nostalgia, joy and everything in between. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to all of the incredible songs on the new release of Be Brave, now is the time to check it out.

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