Photos: Wrest at The Venue

It’s been 3 years since ‘Coward of Us All’, Wrest’s Debut album was released. A LOT has happened within this time but now they’re back with another fully loaded record, ‘End All the Days.’

The Scottish four-piece indie band have been working hard with Edinburgh-based producer Mark Morrow over the past while to create the solid album which was released on March 4th 2022. Within the time gap of albums one and two, we’ve seen the guys release a range of singles and most notably, their 2020 five-track EP, ‘A World That Has Left You Unspoken,’ which was released during the initial Lockdown.

The composition of the tracks featured in the new release is superb and this has really helped each individual track compliment the next in line.

Listening to the album brings reminders of other artists, particularly I think, Biffy Clyro and more specifically their earlier days/softer releases in Only Revolutions or Opposites, both very popular releases of the fellow Scots.

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