Album of The Week- Last Temptation- Fuel for My Soul plus Last Temptation Co-Founder and guitarist Peter Scheithauer interview

Upcoming European heavyweights Last Temptation released their sophomore effort Fuel for My Soul today (Friday 20th May) via Crusader Records.

The album marks a change in direction for the band with a more eclectic approach to their musical sound. The eleven- hard-hitting songs incorporate 70’s songwriting, 80’s metal and 90’s grunge that leaves no stone unturned. The album took a week to record as all parts were recorded live in the studio with no pro tools, or fancy production attached. You can find out more about the making of the album in my interview with co-founder and guitarist Peter Scheithauer below. He is joined in the band by the charismatic vocalist Butcho Vukovic, the exemplary bassist Julien Rimaire and newly appointed drummer Farid Medjane, a replacement for Victor Bisatch. Medjane joined after the recordings, and Bisatch appears on the album.

The album opens with the fiery Ashes and Fire, an example of the band’s eighties influences combined with those grunge undertones. Vukovic croons over distorted guitars and rumbling basslines. The vocals are smooth and suitable for this kind of accessible rock. Scheithauer displays his guitar influences with a roaring solo.

Next up is the radio-friendly I Believe. Vukovic’s smooth melodies are accompanied by a gritty guitar sound, combined with some nice melodic passages. The drumming remains precise throughout, whilst Rimaire provides a good platform for the scintillating riffs.

I was left impressed with how solid the sound is on the album. The choice to record live gives the listener insight into how well the band perform together. Each instrument is clear, which I believe has contributed to the excellent quality here. The blend of contrasting styles makes a pleasant listen because it gives Last Temptation to play to their abilities.

Vukovic is a good pick to front the band because of his diverse range. On I Don’t Wanna be Your God, He sounds like a contemporary Chris Cornell, rich in emotion. The catchy chorus and heavy, down-tuned guitars mark this out as a key track for me. Another pick is the title track Fuel for My Soul with the delightful chorus Nothing but music/can fuel for my soul. The band write good songs with a powerful message behind them, along with some killer riffs and a good rhythm section.

Other highlights include the anthemic Main Attraction with its hook-laden cries of Woah yeah/we’re the main attraction, pounding drums and ear-splitting solos. The grooves of The Answer feature a lung-busting performance by Vukovic. And finally, the dark Going Crazy completes this great outing for Last Temptation.

Overall, the band proves this is a temptation for rock purists, eager to find something new and adventurous in their rock collections.

Rating: 8.5/10

Words by Anselm Anderson

Musician Interview- Peter Scheithauer- Last Temptation guitarist

I caught up with Last Temptation co-founder and guitarist Peter Scheithauer to speak via Zoom about the new album, touring, and who he would like to guest on his album.

Click below to watch the full interview:

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‘Ashes and Fire’

‘Fuel for My Soul’

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