Mila Jam, DMTA, TransFutures Stage

Hey! We made it! We are closing out Pride Month strong with a new song by Mila Jam. Not only is she a fantastic recording artist, she is also a fantastic performance artist! A true popstar!

I discovered Mila Jam through her clever cover of “It’s Raining Men”, titled “It’s Raining Them.” After hearing this cover song I wanted to hear what this rising artist is all about.

Mila Jam is now out with another pride anthem. “DMTA” is a soulful pop song with buzzing synths and fun vocal effects. DMTA stands for “Dancing my Tears Away” which I’m sure is the motto for many people’s pride. Hey, pride month is stressful y’all! Mila Jam is definitely aiding in lifting us up with these tunes though!

Over the weekend I saw Mila Jam perform at San Francisco Pride 2022 on the TransFutures Stage. This is the first time San Francisco Pride has had a dedicated stage to trans talent in a decade and it was a smashing success. I was honored to perform with my band on this stage. I also saw Carter Ray and Mateo Briscoe perform. The stages talent was excellent from start to finish thanks to Rosen Creative House productions who hand selected all of the talent.

Closing out this important stage was none other than MILA JAM!! I as left stunned. Her performance captivated me the entire time she was on stage. Mila and her two professional dancers brought a confident fierceness to the stage. They put on a jaw-dropping performance that I will always remember.

If you haven’t listened to Mila Jam yet, you need to. You should also catch a performance as soon as possible. She is an act that you do not want to miss.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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