FSOL. No 218. Borderline Toxic ‘Blood Sucking Beauty Queen’

Borderline Toxic - Blood Sucking Beauty Queen

London alt-rock band Borderline Toxic rage against judgement and beauty stereotypes on new single ‘Blood Sucking Beauty Queen’ and they become our next First Signs of Love featured band.

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Borderline Toxic – Blood Sucking Beauty Queen

Blood Sucking Beauty Queen is a playful poke in the eye of beauty industry stereotypes. It’s all empowerment, no filter.

Borderline Toxic were born in lockdown after British drummer Pete RayBiggin (Level 42, Amy Winehouse, Chaka Khan) introduced Kerry Glass to Norwegian drummer/producer Henrik Fossum (Brand New Heavies, Level 42, James Arthur) and the seeds of the band were sewn. 

Scottish-born lead singer Kerry Glass grew up on a diet of Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alice in Chains and KoRn. Despite her obvious attraction to rock, she only started writing her own songs in lockdown, initially just to escape the boredom.

“I never thought I could write songs to be honest, and then I sent my boyfriend one of those big, scripted messages. The first thing he said was, you’re a songwriter! I said no I’m not, I’m annoyed. No, you’re a songwriter…” [Kerry Glass]

The name ‘Borderline Toxic’ came to Glass in a moment of serendipity following a particularly passionate row with her partner, which Glass recalls was ‘borderline toxic’. 

While writing the song, Kerry drew on her frustrations of conforming to stereotypes. Released to coincide with the start of Pride Month BSBQ sticks a middle finger up to society’s obsession with judging people on their looks. It’s a powerful call to arms.

This angst is released to glorious effect in the accompanying music video which gives the floor to a vast array of alternative performers, dancers and actors provoking viewers to ask “What is sexy?”.

Crunching riffs are offset with an infectious pop-inspired chorus enhanced by Glass’ Scottish accent. This is an exhilarating celebration of real beauty!

Kerry Glass revels in her role as the rebel ring-leader pitched somewhere between the grunge cool of Courtney Love and the sassy pop princess of Gwen Stefani.

She was born to do this!

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