Italian Darkwave Trio Geometric Vision Explore Naples at Night in their Video for “Luna”

Italian darkwave outfit Geometric Vision returns come back with “Luna”, a brand new single along with its moonlit nocturnal video.

Lingering somewhere between future and tradition, the track is an immersive journey into the culture and atmosphere of their hometown, exploring the lay of the land. The subject touches upon “dark” houses where the light never goes in; ancient, narrow streets; votive kiosks, the theatre, the rituals, the esoteric cults, and folklore.

In particular, for this song and video concept, Geometric Vision hones in on the Naples fable of “Monaciello,”  a being who looks like a small monk, who roams the city at night either causing mischief or doing good deeds. This character, played by Giovanni De Stefano, appears in the video, acting as frontman Ago Giordano’s alter ego, who relives childhood feelings and experiences. The song is performed entirely in the Neapolitan language, in order to bring a authenticity to the lyrics and meaning, particularly to those with roots in Naples.

The video, directed by Elio De Filippo, was shot at the Burlesque Theater in Caivano and the old streets of Naples, and features cameos from members of the band Neila Invo (Elettra Cuivre, Claudia Nottebella and Valeria Formisano).

Watch the video for “Luna” below:

In addition to Giordano, Geometric Visions is also comprised of Roberto Amato on guitar and synth, bassist Gennaro Campanile, and Nico Giordano, who performed the viola parts and produced the track.

You can listen to it below, and find it on Bandcamp here.

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