Kevin Focke – “Exolution”

“Exolution” is a beautifully melodic new track from Kevin Focke, based in Bruges, Belgium. The track shows a versatile sound, spanning from pulsing club-ready synth movements to lushly entrancing sounds of nature. A glowing effervesce builds into a snappy percussive accompaniment and bass-y vibration, gradually building alongside bright synths. Gentle piano, serene vocals, and bird-chirping close the track with a tranquilly inviting blissfulness.

From the artist: “We wanted to create a relaxing escape from daily troubles. A comforting bubble where stress melts away.”

Focke has impressed in the past; his EPs, Sunshine In Suburbia and Beyond The Pale Blue, are gorgeously melodic showcases, in addition to his previous work under BatWhaleDragon.

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