Soul Reflects On The Bitter Side Of Love On EP ‘Angel’

Soul - Angel EP

British artist Soul has unveiled his new EP Angel, an emotionally charged journey through six tracks full of introspective sincerity. His insightful storytelling narrates a poignant chapter in this young man’s life.

Soul – Angel EP

Soul is a London-based vocalist, his style is defined by a mixture of R&B and Rap, showcasing his ability to both sing and deliver hard-hitting rhymes, creating an engaging dynamic. His newest EP Angel is a solid testimony of this, taking the listener to a difficult moment in time for this performer.

“Angel is a reflective work that succeeds thanks to its visceral subject and highly relatable lyrics.”

This 6-track EP tells the unfortunate fall down of a relationship, based on the real-life experiences of Soul. The self-titled opener Angel dives deep into the “what could’ve been” type of thinking, to the point where it becomes heartbreaking and very understandable for anyone who has been in that position before.

On a similar thematic line, 18/03 is a painful recollection of those memories and the inevitable outcome that proceeded afterwards.

Track three ‘The Best’ is the acceptance of the end in this relationship, with Soul still wishing the best for this person, realizing it is better to move on. On ‘Home’, nostalgia strikes like rain in stormy weather, proving that sometimes it’s not so easy to detach from a romantic connection completely.

‘Two Sides’ works as the climax of this entire work, Soul relives the sourness product of the struggle and hardships that this romance left behind.

‘Inspiration’ is the closer and the ultimate goodbye song for this EP, addressing how this sorrowful circumstance became an inspiration that this artist didn’t ask.

While tragic and heart-wrenching by design, this compilation of songs is a consistent effort driven by personal experiences. Soul took something negative and made the best out of it, and in the process, matured as a songwriter.

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