When Alice Offley Asks ‘D’You Wanna Dance?’ You Say YES!

Alice Offley D'You Wanna Dance

Alice Offley just wants to dance in her new glitterball single.

Alice Offley – D’You Wanna Dance

Alice Offley is on a post-lockdown mission to “make music to help people feel good”. The vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, actress and cousin of 60’s blue-eyed soul singer Dusty Springfield has been in the business since she was a teenager and has toured with the likes of the Thompson Twins, Tricky and Cyndi Lauper. For 2022 though, she is stepping out in glad rags and dancing shoes to front her own bass and vocals solo project with “a cocktail of funk-filled Disco-pop”.

With tracks ‘Pour’ and ‘Funk on the Dance Floor’ released earlier in the year, setting down her feel-good manifesto, Offley’s latest track asks the simple age-old question ‘D’You Wanna Dance?’ It’s a question that pre-dates social media and one that originates in the dancehalls of yesteryear, which for many were the social hubs of the day. Of course, times have now dramatically changed, yet Offley is tapping into the fact that we all love to boogie.

The vibe of the track is pure disco with a delicious flavour of Prince-style funk. 80’s bass is mixed with a four-to-the-floor drum beat and ‘Slow’, breathy Kylie vocals, that entice you to join her on the dance floor and “let yourself go”. With silky guitar licks and cowbell, it is immediately infectious with all the right ingredients, appealing to the simple pleasure of connectedness and the excitement and thrill of shared experience.

“The dancefloor has always been a very real and honest way of connecting with a fellow human! There is a romance and sexiness to the ritual of dancing and sharing a moment lost in music”.

Chic and stylish, slinky and seductive, Alice Offley’s latest single is sure to get you strutting your funky stuff.

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