Mahafsoun The Metal Belly Dancer

What do belly dance and metal have in common?
At first glance nothing but there is an artist, Mahafsoun who has managed to combine these two different worlds.

The result is intriguing and sexy.

Mahafsoun The Metal Belly Dancer

Foroogh Atash aka Mahafsoun was born in Canada June 17 1992 (30 years old). Her Middle Eastern origins are evident and she emphasized her cultural background by studying belly dance from an early age.

Mahafsoun is already well known on Instagram and Youtube. Her features are so special that make her look like a goddess of the past.

She Loves the occult and the gothic style. This artist looks like a beautiful vampire … and maybe she really is. Perhaps she’s Cleopatra’s reincarnation.

She has performed for famous metal bands such as Moonspell, Epica, Ex Deo and Orphaned Land. Her unique style attracted the interest of many artists who wanted her to star in their videos.

Mahafsoun The Metal Belly Dancer

Mahafsoun’s Instagram

Foroogh Atash is also a gothic model and many of her photos have become very famous around the world.

This girl has managed to mix traditions and modernity in an impeccable way and this unique artistic vision has taken her far.

As always happens, you are never wrong when you follow your instinct.

Mahafsoun The Metal Belly Dancer

Maybe someday we’ll ask her to collaborate with us on one of our songs. By the way, today we recommend Wrong Direction by Edgar Allan Poets.

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