BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Live Review – Heart Health Park in Sacramento, Ca





Black Label Society brought their show to Heart Health Park in Sacramento, Ca. as part of the Anthrax 40th Anniversary tour. I’ve seen Father Zakk Wylde several times over the last couple decades and he’s still a joy to see perform live and to listen to. His tone and technique has set him apart in the days of Guitar Heroes.

I still remember seeing this tall, skinny kid playing for Ozzy who’s now this bearded and buffed adult wearing a kilt and shredding better than ever; I would’ve never guessed that this would be the same person I first saw in the late 80’s.



With this being an outdoor show, Zakk and the boys start the show performing ‘Funeral Bell’ while the Sun is still shining bright. As far as stage settings, the only difference that is noticeable is that they do not have their ‘Doom Crew, Inc.’ backdrop during this outdoor show. Even though it is still daylight, the band is using their stage lighting.

The momentum continues as they crank out ‘Destroy & Conquer’ and one of my personal favorites ‘Overlord’. The sound for this outside venue was considerably better than I expected.

Zakk hops onto his podium and stands with his arms crossed like a mythical God to stare out into the crowd as the fans cheer as they then break into ‘Heart of Darkness’.



We finally get a break from the heat as the Sun sets. Now the light show is in full use as the band cracks into ‘A Love Unreal’. Bassist John “JD” Deservio and drummer Jeff Fabb are adding so much low end to the rhythm section that is sounding unbelievable in this outdoor venue. It makes is easy to understand why Zakk Wylde has these two musicians in his crew.


Both Zakk and guitarist Dario Lorina are using an arsenal of different Wylde Audio guitars through this set. The show continues as the play the ever glooming ‘You Make Me Want to Live’.

At this point Zakk moves from guitar to grand piano for perform ‘In This River’ as a tribute to his fallen friend Darrell ‘Dimebag’ Abbott. This tribute now includes Dime’s brother drummer Vinnie Paul as two backdrops hang over the amps showing photos of both Dime and Vinnie.



The Adrenaline filled set keeps going as BLS rip through ‘Trampled Down Below’ and ‘Set You Free’. Guitarist Dario Lorina is an incredible musician as he shows off his shredding capabilities as he duels with Zakk (who happens to be standing on top of his piano) during ‘Fire It Up’.



‘Suicide Messiah’ and ‘Stillborn’ finish off the set of this amazing performance. Although they are performing as support for thrash kings Anthrax, they put on a show that was a headlining performance. There is still a month of the tour left and if you get the opportunity to catch Black Label Society on the road….do so!!!


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