Echo Beach deliver solid synth-driven anthems

Driven by anthemic synths and thunderous vocals, Manchester duo Echo Beach are embarking on a new journey together. 

Originally based in Leeds, the band are rising from the ashes of their previous project Paradas. But now, they are three singles into their new adventure, including second hit ‘Am I Dreaming?’. 

Echo Beach spent time with the renowned producer Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden Studios and the band say it has elevated their sound to the next level. The track’s chorus is a real highlight; the production is on point and the vocal presence is solid.

Talking about the track, lead singer Matt Hanson said: “During lockdown I was having some pretty crazy dreams, that didn’t exactly make a lot of sense but at the time everything seemed really intense, and I wanted to capture that in a song.”

Hanson certainly manages to do this as the track opens with a thumping rhythm, expertly orchestrated by drummer Danny Pash, complemented by an effortlessly smooth riff that dances across the opening bars of the track. 

“Working with Gavin has taken our music to the next level. Working with a producer at the top of their game makes such a massive difference” remarks Hanson. “We loved the whole vibe of Magic Garden studio, when we walked in Gavin had the fire on, it was proper laid back and the perfect space to be creative in.”

‘Am I Dreaming?’ an energetic, brilliant single from a band still in its infancy but with a very bright future ahead of them.

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