Alice Offley Brings The Fun, Fun, Fun

Alice Offley’s latest release spells out the fun in funk.

Alice Offley – Fun Fun Fun

Continuing her one-woman post-pandemic mission to put the funk back into people’s lives, Alice Offley releases her new track ‘Fun Fun Fun’.

Another song written during the lockdown in 2021, the track resonates with the same vibe as previous singles ‘Funk On The Dancefloor’ and ‘D’You Wanna Dance’, fashioned by groovy guitar licks and alluring vocals. But with a bit more sass, it cuts looser, channelling 90’s Girl Power as much as 70’s funk.

As on previous tracks, there is a strong Kylie influence on Offley’s vocal style, though the teasing pause after ‘I just wanna have’ at the end of the second and fourth verses before the satisfying resolve of the lingering ‘Fun’, owes just as much to the Spice Girls as the Aussie Pop Princess. You can imagine Offley as an updated Ginger Spice in a contemporary version of the band, though less garish and more demure. 

Simple pop lyrics bounce along with hedonistic intent “I wanna have fun fun fun until the morning light” before a Deelite-ful middle eight enhances the feel-good factor, pointing the way firmly to the dance floor, “Bring your dancing feet”, is the now familiar message. 

‘This song was written during lockdown 2021, when the weekend would be approaching and I really wanted to get out to pubs and dancefloors and HAVE SOME FUN!!”’

Swapping dancing shoes for blue platform boots, Alice Offley reels off another tune born out of incarceration, let loose to party and to have…fun. 

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Words Andrew Gutteridge

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