EP Review- Stefanie Joyce- Marlboro Reds and Motel Rooms.

 Nashville Singer/ Songwriter Stefanie Joyce released her latest EP Marlboro Reds and Motel Rooms early last month. Produced by Ryan Manner at Station West Studio in Nashville, Joyce releases an EP that tells five stories on “sin, redemption and everything in between”.

As a teenager, she trained with the prestigious Alberta Ballet before earning a degree in Film Production and Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia. Joyce has continued achieving success as a songwriter for several artists, as well as performing at numerous Music Festivals. She counts songwriters like John Prine and Brandy Clark as influences, as well as authors like Cormac McCarthy and Anne Proulx.

Stefanie Joyce combines her love of bluegrass with folk and country through a powerful and gritty sound on ‘Marlboro Reds and Motel Rooms’. The EP begins with the Roots Rock of ‘Presdio’, a tale of loneliness and sin. Joyce sings over the squeals of the steel pedal guitar. The catchy chorus and strong storytelling set the tone for the remainder of the EP. ‘Idle Hands’ is another roots rock track with some stellar fingerpicking and slide guitar. Stefanie Joyce tells each story through warmth and honesty, depicting tales of love, lust and forgiveness. Joyce calls on her influences to make each song sound raw and meaningful.

‘Tulsa’ is a country ballad which the title of the EP derives from. ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ is another Country song with slide guitar and fiddle inspired by the Holy book.  And finally, ‘Ticker to Atalanta’ is a sombre track with real poignancy and a sense of moving forward for the narrator.

Overall, Stefanie Joyce shows herself to be a compelling storyteller and accomplished songwriter with a collection of country music the listener can enjoy.

 Words by Anselm Anderson. Rating: 8.5/10


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