Introducing: Danica Dora – The Way You Look At Me

Have you ever found yourself gazing into someone’s eyes, meeting their gaze, and felt that pang in your chest? You know the one: disbelief, thankfulness, vulnerability, and overwhelming joy that they are looking at you too? For Nashvillian singer-songwriter Danica Dora, that pang is all too familiar. Her latest single The Way You Look At Me is all about it.

The Way You Look At Me is sweet and centered like a secret. Dora’s timelessly lilting vocals lend themselves beautifully to the track’s overall jukebox-feel. Its haunting melody and charming brass solo, too, really solidify its retro roots. What makes a classic love song is, yes, the lyrics; but also the delivery. Love songs are forever embedded in society because they speak to the special places and intimate moments shared between two lovesick fools. That feeling of disbelief when someone you love so much more than you ever believed you could loves you in that same crazy way is almost unbeatable. Danica Dora delivers a breathtakingly honest ballad wrapped in cellophane and a vintage bow. Her uncanny ability to bring forth beautifully bittersweet storytelling whilst remaining a grounded and alluring narrator in The Way You Look At Me does not go unnoticed. In fact, not only is it greatly appreciated, but it deserves to be rewarded with your listen.

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