Introducing: Shelly Perel – Don’t Try

One thing Israeli singer-songwriter Shelly Perel wants to make very clear is this: No one else’s opinion matters except your own.

For Perel, growing up in an area of Tel Aviv where everyone followed similar paths only prepared her to break free. Those restraints could only keep her down for so long. Now, the songstress soars high with her latest single Don’t Try, a breezy soul anthem very close to her heart. It’s her message to those who wish she’d stayed the course and want to minimize her. Her dreams, larger than life, have driven her to this moment, and she refuses to let anyone break her stride.

Don’t Try is packed with smooth buttery vocals, a lilting guitar and the most uplifting harmonies. Perel does a gorgeous job leaving her entire heart in her music. With a swinging R&B flare, Don’t Try really solidifies Shelly Perel as a gleaming force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

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