A recent trilogy of releases from San Francisco-based hip-hop artists RPxSB, the three-act CREATURES present a consuming sound with atmospheric beats and thought-provoking lyrical content. The trilogy dropped over the past few weeks; Act I released on August 26th, Act II on September 2nd, and Act III on September 9th — all via the artist’s Vibeland label imprint.

RPxSB (or Roddy Picante and Stay-Bizzy or Rock Plaid and Survive Bullshxt) showcases a largely haunting, nocturnal-feeling sound on Act 1. “Playzone” touts a twinkling synth-laden beat fit for Halloween brooding, its solemn vocals fitting aptly. “Pan Dulce Interlude” is a stellar success with its flourishing orchestral effects and hypnotic vocal delivery, exemplifying the project’s lush vocal entrancement and standout beats/production.

Act II: Boar continues the project’s ghostly invigoration. “Kevin Nash” laments escalating anxiety with ghostly vocal effects and nocturnal synths, the darkly enveloping tone reminding fondly of Earl Sweatshirt. The organ-illuminated “Pinky’s Cognac” also stands out with its shimmering tone and confident lyrical quips.

The trilogy’s finale, Act III: Jopo, kickstarts in interesting fashion with the playfully nostalgic “Bad Lemons,” emphasizing the most versatile and effervescent release of the three. The ’50s/’60s pop reflection kickstarts the release in proper form, also catching with murkier successes like “Sprinkler System,” though also impressing with cuts like the soaring and bright soul-pop of Bip City Blues.”

Start with Act 1 below and go from there:

“Pan Dulce Interlude” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of September 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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