Listen to Gainesville Goth Duo Last Grasp’s “Entwined” EP

We are not long for this world

look around would you even mind?

hold me close as our souls entwine

the void calls us both at the same time

Gainesville goths Last Grasp have a new offering: Entwined, an EP mined from the blue-lit grotto for lonely souls. Inspired by the likes of Drab Majesty and Asylum Party, their pensive sound is gently wrapped around melancholy. Entwined features three songs exploring themes of nature and dark fantasy. A gentle offering, in the vein of Clan of Xymox, the Cure, and earlier Depeche Mode, with pagan folk leanings.

Starting off strong is a spooky love poem, called “Goblin Romance.” Detailing a tryst with the forbidden, this song takes us down a spiral of desire. Next up is “The Frog and the Scorpion,” a melancholy lamentation about succumbing to the inevitable. Finally, the album closes with “Oak,” a passionate declaration of love and acceptance. In a strange turn of events, the introduction echoes the eeriness of Frankie Valli’s “The Night” and moves into Cure territory.

Listen below:

Last Grasp’s Entwined was recorded by Matthew DeFeis and mixed by Boris Stojanović.

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