Fledgling Tunes Interview With Alfie Jackson

We caught up with former Holloway’s frontman Alfie Jackson to understand more about his new collaboration project Fledgling Tunes.

What is Fledgling Tunes?

Fledgling Tunes is a unique beast. It is an artist, a label and most importantly, a community in which artists, writers, and producers, can connect and grow together in a very tough industry. By standing together we can also change things that need to be changed – such as fighting for better deals with labels and streaming platforms. Fledgling aims to help educate new artists and their fans on how we need to reshape the system.

Fledgling Tunes Interview With Alfie Jackson on Right Chord Music

What prompted you to create Fledgling Tunes? / What is wrong with the music industry?

The idea came about after collaborating with many artists. I became very aware of the obstacles that each artist and creator has to face in the music industry. This often hampers creativity and stops the music from getting out. Artistically, Fledlging offers artists a chance to experiment musically. Fledgling can also be used as a side project.

The main thing is for us all to connect, grow learn and fight together for better rights for all. If we get enough creators coming together and releasing music into a community then we will see not only an increase in audience reach but also a bigger network through which everyone can thrive and develop.

“Artistically, Fledlging offers artists a chance to experiment musically.”

Alfie Jackson

What is the ambition of Fledgling Tunes?

The initial aim is to create unreleased music with an exciting roster of new creative talent.

The long-term goal is to shake up the music industry to the extent where artists are finally getting paid fairly and they will be able to have more control over their content and engagement.

I am in talks with a Web 3 development team and it is clear that the Internet and how creators can utilise it is going to change in the near future. I have a plan and a vision in which I see creators flourish away from labels and streaming services as they currently exist. With the Web 3 team, we intend to create a far more intuitive and fair system for funding artists that will also be more engaging and rewarding for fans.

How do you find/identify artists for Fledgling collaborations?

After a fair few years in the music industry, I am fairly well-connected with management companies, publishers and live agencies. I also keep my eye on emerging talent on social media.

Are there certain characteristics or things you are looking for in a collaborator?

Talent and dedication are the key ingredients, but youre also looking for someone who is honest, open and adventurous.

What makes a good songwriter?

Someone who knows how to connect with raw emotion and who can bottle it into music and lyrics. I think a wild imagination is very important. Perhaps most importantly, is a big heart tied to a wise mind. 

Tell me about the music Fledgling has released so far?

5 songs with 5 singers from 5 different countries! Breezy upbeat songs and heartbreaking ballads!

So far the genre is mostly in the folk/indie world but we are open to all genres so long as there is a good vibe, melody and message.

How do you write a song, is there a process you always follow?

It’s never the same. Sometimes a melody first, sometimes a lyrical idea, sometimes a riff.

With a group of people together, it’s usually from scratch but sometimes someone has the beginning of an idea that they were not able to develop alone. This is one of the great things about collaborating – you can realise ideas that you know are great but you’ve never been able to develop alone.

Which song that you have written are you most proud of?

Difficult to answer. Released: Most Lonely Face with The Holloways; though the best-recorded version was lost!

Unreleased: Smile with Skinny Living or Heart in a Cage – a song of mine

What is your career highlight in music so far?

Probably being on Never Mind The Buzzcocks or playing The Other Stage at Glastonbury but I have hopes that Fledgling can achieve something to surpass all that!

Which song by another artist do you wish you had written?

So hard! I could give you a different answer every day of the year. Today I will say “Bridge Over Trouble Waters” by Simon and Garfunkel.

How can people reading this support Fledgling Tunes?

  • Follow on Instagram, TikTok! YouTube and Facebook.
  • Comment, like and share content!
  • Buy the songs via Bandcamp
  • Make financial donations via the PayPal link on our website.
  • Follow the playlists on Spotify and add our songs to your playlists
  • Follow the artists connected with Fledgling and let them know you’re supporting the community ethos.

Find all links to Fledgling Tunes here

Read into our efforts to help fix streaming – check out our videos/diagrams explaining the issue with the market share model used by Spotify and how User Centric Payment systems employed by Deezer are a step in the right direction.

Were a music blog championing incredible independent artists so we are always looking to discover great music. Who should we be listening to that we dont already know?

Obviously the artists we’ve collaborated with so far. Also: Skinny Living are a great band that I admire a lot. Isaac Stuart is a very exciting up-and-coming singer-songwriter.

Gemma Rogers is one of my favourite artists to work with and her next album is going to be EXTRAORDINARY.

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