Neev enthrals with new single ‘The House’

Neev teases impending debut album “Katherine” with brand new release “The House”. The London-based singer-songwriter, (who hails proudly from Glasgow) tells a tale from the perspective of a housewife, who had sacrificed their dreams and evokes a deep sense of longing for a life that could have been in this dramatic and enthralling new hit.

The House spirals throughout, aided with intricate and unsettling string arrangements which assist in the storytelling alongside the artists’ typically captivating and soothing vocals, added with emotionally charged lyricism.

Despite the complex instrumental arrangements which create a dark soundscape, Neev’s powerful vocals manage to transcend through like a sunbeam through the clouds.

The House is a look ‘through the keyhole’ as Neev sings from the perspective of “a classic 50s housewife” who gave up all hopes and aspirations. She feels trapped and sees the house as her prison. The lyrics are haunting and any hope seems to wash away when Neev vocalises ‘And the house gets darker every day’, making this song a real emotive listening experience.

It’s a powerful statement about the ways in which women have been limited by society throughout history – and its individualism is a theme that Neev is set to explore throughout her upcoming debut album, Katherine – which is dropping this month on 28th April and can be pre-ordered via Trapped Animal here.

You can see Neev play live along with 23 other artists at our Acoustic All-Dayer on Thursday 11th May at 1UP Cafe in Brighton – it’s free for all to attend, with pay as you feel encouraged on the day. RSVP here!

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