Album Review: Burning Witches- The Dark Tower


Release Date: May 5th                           Record Label: Napalm Records
The five enchantresses of Burning Witches return with a call to arms for old-school metal. The Dark Tower is a varied album with plenty of riffs and 1980s-fused heavy metal. Produced by Destruction Frontman Schmier, The ladies’ fifth studio effort will be released this Friday, May 5th via Napalm Records.

Lead by the colossal vocals of Laura Guldemond, the album focuses on the bone-chilling tales of ghouls, witches and monsters. The album begins with an opening monologue ‘Rise of Darkness’ to set the scene for a full-out assault of the earlobes. The bone-shattering riffs of ‘Unleash The Beast’ whets the appetites with guest guitarist Courtney Cox (Not Monica from Friends!) linking up with regular guitarist Romana Kalkhul to do battle with a two-pronged attack.
The infectious ‘Renegade’ and ‘Evil Witch’ deliver enough muscular riffs and ear-splitting drumming from Lala Frischknecht to carry the momentum of the album. The ballad ‘Tomorrow’ gives listeners a respite before the thunderous lead single ‘The Dark Tower’ raises those hairs on the neck.
Photo Credit: Martin Rahn

The album switches to harmonic choruses and an aggressive guitar sound with tracks like ‘Arrow of Time’ and ‘Heart of Ice’ with guitar-tapping and structured riffs and solos giving it a Judas feel.
The band have a real togetherness on this release with a serious mission statement to the metal world. The production is second to none and the guitar work is spellbinding with a daringness to try out new ideas and to dazzle the listener. The only drawback I have about the album is some of those riffs can sound too similar towards the end.
And finally, the grooves of ‘The Lost Souls ‘ with Laura’s devilish staccato growl end this album.
Overall, Burning Witches set the metal world ablaze with 13 tales of true horror with a true metal album for the masses.

Words by Anselm Anderson      Rating: 8.5/10

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Tracklist The Dark Tower:

1. Rise Of Darkness

2. Unleash The Beast

3. Renegade

4. Evil Witch

5. World On Fire

6. Tomorrow

7. House Of Blood

8. The Dark Tower

9. Heart Of Ice

10. Arrow Of Time

11. Doomed To Die

12. Into The Unknown

13. The Lost Souls


Jeanine Grob – Bass

Lala Frischknecht – Drums

Romana Kalkuhl – Guitars

Laura Guldemond – Vocals

Larissa Ernst – Guitars

Napalm Records
The Dark Tower
Unleash The Beast
(Contains Flashing Images)

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