Colourful New Wave Duo BLED Debut Low Budget Slasher Video for “This Brutal Place”

Colourfully casting a new wave shadow, the dynamic duo BLED reemerges from the musical undergrowth with their latest single, “This Brutal Place.” Formerly known as DRAG, Bled is now gearing up for the release of their debut EP – The Way of All Flesh’ with this single leading the way.

“This Brutal Place” is a time machine dialed directly to the 80s, seamlessly blending influences from icons like The Human League, The Thompson Twins, Simple Minds, and The Teardrop Explodes, to name a few. A dash of Men Without Hats and a pinch of Adam Ant are also detectable in the mix. The result is a passionate vocal delivery, enveloped in the warm glow of retro-sounding production and effervescent synths. The track creates an ambience that’s whimsical, romantic, and surreal, enticing listeners to lose themselves in its nostalgic atmosphere.

Bringing their signature colourful twist to 80s vibes and gothic undertones, this new single is a milestone for Bled, marking their comfort and confidence in a name and sound that truly echoes their identity.

Blue, the song’s co-creator, reveals the inspiration behind the track. Returning to Exmoor, in the South West of England, he was struck by a sense of alienation, no longer fitting into the place he once called home. This feeling, combined with winter strolls across the beautiful yet brutally austere moorland, laid the groundwork for “This Brutal Place.”

The song is complemented by ‘BRUTAL,’ an oil painting on canvas by Red. Primarily a collage artist, Red was inspired to delve into the world of oil painting by the allure of old gothic art. However, this exploration came at a price – a day in the hospital due to paint thinner inhalation. Through this, Red quips, they learned how to paint with oils.

Accompanying “This Brutal Place” is a DIY music video, crafted with friends and drawing inspiration from low-budget slasher films. A shiny blue rock appears to have a starring role, and viewers are advised to watch out for backstabbers. You can enjoy the video below:

A brief look into BLED’s history:

The artistic vision of anti-art artist Amy Crozier (RED) and songwriter-producer Leo Himmelblau (BLUE) converges to form BLED. This duo’s work is often concept-driven, with a diverse range of outputs that inspire each other. Their art and music synergize spectacularly during live performances, which are known for their high energy and theatricality. Hailing from Bristol, England, they have recently shared the stage with Walt Disco and Cumgirl8, and have also been featured on BBC Introducing in the South West.

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