Dark Punk Duo Death Index Return with Their Video for “Human / Machinery”

Dark punk duo Death Index, the caustic music project consisting of Carson Cox and Marco Rapisarda — has announced their audacious new album, Civilized By A Lie. Set for release on July 7th, 2023, the record is being brought to life by the innovative record label, 2 Mondi Collective.

To whet our appetites for what’s to come, Death Index has also shared their lead single, “Human / Machinery” accompanied by a visually striking video. The clip, directed by Adam Klopp of Choir Boy, is a dizzying montage of Cox and Rapisarda spliced together with an array of visceral footage.

The music itself is as provocative as the visuals. Combining elements of grunge, garage punk, alternative rock, and post-punk, the track is an audio assault. With a grinding bassline and a crunchy snare drum, Cox’s rich crooning voice navigates through a tightly woven melody. The overall mood is ominous and brooding, full of reverb, with the song unfolding like the cracking of a whip. Echoes of darkwave and industrial rock rhythms underscore the track, harkening back to classic riffs like The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me.” The result is a mechanized pulse that unsettles as much as it fascinates.

Cox elaborates on the inspiration behind the single: “Not a day goes by where I don’t think of the violence of machinery and how humanity lives side by side with planes, trains, and cargo trucks. Every day is like living with a tamed beast that doesn’t attack but roars its gears. The city is deaf with it but people seem to look at it as a circus where no one can get hurt until one of the tigers misses a cue.”

Watch the video for “Human/Machinery” below:

A union of musical experimentation, Death Index is the brainchild of Carson Cox (known for his work with Merchandise, Neon Bluid, and Romeo Blu) and Marco Rapisarda (of Psico Galera, La Piovra, and Smart Cops fame). Their music spans various influences, from industrial to pop, Crass Records to Wax Trax! Their upcoming album, Civilized By A Lie is set to redefine rock’n’roll for the modern listener, drawing inspiration from art, culture, science, and societal decay.

The writing and recording of Civilized by A Lie began in 2016, following the release of their first album on Deathwish Inc. Collaborating with producer Maurizio Baggio, known for his work with Boy Harsher, The Soft Moon, and Merchandise, the duo embarked on what would become a six-year journey. The process involved incorporating non-traditional elements into their sound, including the use of metal and iron sheets sourced from a construction site, lending a unique, industrial edge to tracks like “Ego-Dance” and “D.O.G [Delusions of Grandeur]”.

The socio-political landscape has deeply influenced the album’s themes. The rise of mainstream fascism in the US, societal unrest, increasing isolation in the tech age, and the ingrained western progress narrative have all shaped the album’s narrative. The lyrics and sounds on this album explore these themes, painting a bird’s eye view of our contemporary world and the imaginary differences that divide us.

Ultimately, Civilized By A Lie is not just a reflection of our world; it’s a call to action. It’s a testament to the power of art to channel anxiety, a weapon against the tide of societal unrest and the rising specter of fascism.

As they tirelessly worked on their upcoming album, the band went through the painstaking process of writing around 20 songs. Their efforts culminate in a tumultuous whirlwind of dissonance that effortlessly blends industrial rock, progressive synth elements, and minimal chromatic structures. The resulting sound boldly pushes the boundaries of first-wave American and European hardcore, taking the genre into uncharted territories.

Fast forward to 2023, and the world is beginning to see the patterns. The smoke is thick, the barricades are up, and the old wars collide with the new. Those who dare to challenge the status quo and reject the LIE are truly alive. And in the heart of this chaos, Death Index brings forth a raw, unfiltered soundtrack for the times.

Civilized By A Lie, the formidable new full-length album by Death Index, is due out July 7th, 2023, on 2 Mondi Collective.

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Death Index - Civilized By A Lie
Album cover for “Civilized By A Lie” | Photo by Jimmy Fontaine

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