Jett Jenkins – “Someone Special”

Poignantly capturing the pain of a faltering friendship, “Someone Special” is a moving pop track from Brooklyn-based artist Jett Jenkins. Retro-minded guitar swipes and lush vocal contemplation builds into starry-eyed synths during the enamoring chorus, admitting “thought you were someone, someone special to me.” The build from the morose vocals and guitar reflections, into the dreamy synth tones, plays with a seamless cohesion.

“There is not hatred, but rather growing apart and the pain that comes with that,” Jenkins says of the experience, wherein a friendship begins to fade. The “what I wish I had,” sequence also catches with the steady guitar pulses and intermittent synths, gliding effortlessly into the “thought you were someone,” hook. “Someone Special” is a melodic, sentimental success from the steadily rising Jett Jenkins.

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