Venice Heath – “Different”

Guitar twangs and lush synth intertwining build a climactic spell on “Different,” the latest single from London-based artist Venice Heath. The track precedes the artist’s debut EP, Summernight, releasing on Friday (May 19th). Per the artist, the track “follows the overarching nostalgic theme of the EP, and it gives a second chance to the unspoken feelings I carry from my teenage years.”

Strutting a peppy fusing of psychedelic and modern indie pop, “Different” embraces illuminated guitars and spritzy analog synths alike. The polished production rides on the steady synth pulsations and looser guitar adornments to start, building faultlessly into the erupting title-touting hook.

Compelling in both its energized, anthemic chorus and contemplative psych-pop verses, “Different” serves as a standout, accessible production from Venice Heath. Its references to the “what if” instances of bottled-up feelings prove fully relatable, set against a brightly melodic array of instrumentation that never lets go with its enthusiasm.

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