ALBUM REVIEW: Graham Greene – Symphonica Part 2

So here we are with Part two of the opus that I noted part one as being an album of real substance. I stand by that recommendation and if you love the guitar driven instrumental album then Green is right up there sonically and more than capable of rubbing shoulders with the big names.

I’ve described Greene’s work in the past as taking you on a journey rather like the soundscapes of Satriani but this time there seems to be more substance than just a vision of an eye travelling the curves of a landscape – this one feels like it’s almost woven together and taking a definite shape and part two just adds to that from the looming introduction to ‘Empire of Sand’ a sweeping epic, to the last notes of ‘The Long Way Home’.

There’s a real sense of whole when you piece the two albums together but also an acknowledgement that ‘a whole’  is just the sum of many parts and ‘Part 2’ adds more twists and turns to the mix. Eclectic as its predecessor ‘Part 2’ adds even more detail – sometimes boldly written like in the bombast of ‘Reckless Intent’ and other times far more subtly and joyfully like on the Celtic-flavoured ‘Wolves of Winter’.

Like its predecessor that is the beauty of this opus: while the world tries to numb us with pop it’s records like this that shine all the more in their infinite variety. If you love the classics, folk, metal and everything in-between there’s such power in these songs. Symphonica Part 2, sees Graham Greene completing the epic Symphonica saga that began in late 2019 with two years of solid writing, arranging and recording. The Symphonica project, comprised of the two albums, is Graham’s magnum opus.

Drawing inspiration from Celtic, Eastern and European cultures and offering glimpses into both the mythical past and possible post-apocalyptic futures, this album visits more places than a BBC travel documentary.

Recommended if you like: Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Steve Morse, Symphony X, Kamelot, Nightwish, Trans Siberian Orchestra

Track Listing:
1. Empire of Sand
2. Reckless Intent
3. Wolves of Winter
4. Capricious
5. Wormsign
6. Master of Legerdemain
7. Hegra
8. Johann Takes a Vacation
9. Run for the Border
10. Symphonica Pt.2
11. Dance of the Peri
12. The Dream Enigma
13. The Long Way Home

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