A Day Without Love Releases “A Stranger You That You Met Before” and Sings About Touring

On Friday the 13th, A Day Without Love has released their incredible, must-hear LP titled “A Stranger That You Met Before.” The record makes an epic start, with an introduction that builds. “House” starts off with cinematic drums that let the listener know that something amazing is about to unfold. The lyrics are delivered in a chanting style over drums, guitars, and a string section. The song continues to build until it’s ending.

The epic vibes continue with “DIY or Die,” a statement that Rock the Pigeon totally agrees with. This song was previously released as a single. The track delves into the ethos of the DIY (Do It Yourself) lifestyle, a concept widely embraced in both the music and arts and crafts communities. This song embraces an anti-folk style, characterized by its lyrical and vocal delivery, accompanied by a guitar performance reminiscent of pop-rock. The song commences with a heartfelt tribute to house shows and concerts, which epitomize the raw, grassroots essence of the DIY movement. House shows are all about nurturing community bonds and asserting creative independence as a musician. ADWL’s composition unfurls as an unapologetic stand against capitalism, corporate influence, and established norms, embodying an anti-establishment ethos. The ethos is captured in the spoken word transition piece “What Would You Do?” as well.

“Make It Count” leans more into the genres of emo and folk than the previous tracks, giving the record another tone and flavor. The lyrics express the growing pains and trials of being an indie musician.

Make it Count (ft Bel) is a song influenced by Philadelphia’s Gladie that speaks on the desire to make sure that your songs and your community is valued and is seen by the people who need to hear it. – A Day Without Love

“Show Friends” sounds much like a pop-rock song from the early 00s. This song features some of my favorite guitars on the record. Great tone and style!

“How Did We?” brings the folk flavors to life. Acoustic guitars and banjo drive this track. It’s a slowly-paced folk song with activism lyrics, making it true folk. Next we move on to a ukulele-driven track, “Rise.” This song has important lyrics that empower people to take a stand, don’t back down, and continue on fighting for what they believe in. It’s a laid-back anthem that could be sung over and over again. It serves as a mantra for activists.

“Good Friends are Hard to Find.” Truer words have never been spoken. This song about friendship tells the story about finding a friend that feels like a soulmate. It’s a rarity and beautiful thing. This track will fill the listeners’ heart with gratitude and have them reflect on their meaningful friendships and relationships.

“Home on the Highway” is a catchy pop-punk song about being a touring musician. It’s a fun, upbeat song that will get you moving! “Nacho vs. Taco?” is another spoken word interlude, a conversation between friends, about meal choices on tour. Listen to find out the best tour snack!

“Day by Day” is one of my favorite songs on the record for its unique vocal melody and style of rhythm. The surf rock guitars also add another layer of uniqueness to this track.

The next two tracks cover some of the more depressing factors of being a tour musician, such as a tour coming to an end, or a caffeine addiciton. ADWL explains these tracks in their own words:

“High and Low is reflecting on the emotional highs and lows of being on tour, post tour depression, coming to grips with being a sober musician and trying to find some sense of balance in the uncertainty that is the music community and industry. Influenced by the works of Radiohead, Alex G, Blue Smiley and Joy Again” – A Day Without Love

“Caffeine is a song influenced by Mannequin Pussy and OVLOV that addresses the day to day of caffeine addiction while giving promise to those who are working on their own dreams.” – A Day Without Love 

The two tracks that end the record are “Never” and “Storyteller.” Never is a laid-back acoustic-driven song expressing gratitude for the touring lifestyle. Touring is a feat for any indie artist. Most artists dream of touring but never get on the road and never find an opportunity to make it happen. “Storyteller” is a high-energy anthem rock anthem that serves as the grand finale.

A Day Without Love, known as ADWL, represents the creative identity of Brian Walker, a recording artist from Philadelphia. With a penchant for blending diverse musical genres, he crafts an auditory experience that appeals to a wide range of listeners. The genesis of his music venture dates back to 2013 when he found inspiration in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, using his songs to articulate themes of resilience and triumph over adversity. Over the years, ADWL has embarked on numerous tours across the United States, gracing nearly every state with his performances. Through his music and live shows, he tirelessly endeavors to foster a sense of community and connection, one concert at a time.

Photos by Paulina McGrath.

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A Stranger That You Met Before by A Day Without Love

written by Ryan Cassata, click here for a review

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