Alt rocker Moon Walker shares sensational LP ‘The Attack Of Mirrors’

Brooklyn, New York artist Moon Walker is back with his electrifying new album ‘The Attack Of Mirrors’ which will certainly elevate the musician further. 

Moon Walker’s nostalgic, alternative garage rock sound over ten eclectic tracks is poignant as timely lyrics and the thrashing garage rock sound that made his first offering such a success whilst introducing multiple new elements into the fold.

The Attack Of Mirrors is the follow up to album the rather successful LP Truth to Power where the alt rocker began turning heads for his 70s rock meets modern day alternative rock style. 

Moon Walker shared most recent single ‘Turn Off This Song (Before It Takes Your Soul)’ which opens with a groovy bassline with fuzzy vocals that meld into powerful, dark societal commentary, critiquing everything from capitalism to the distrust of media.

Whilst the shredding guitar riffs, distorted vocals and a haunting backing instrumental, ‘The Stolen City’ confront hidden histories of modern America, the angsty ‘Pins & Needles’ sees Moon Walker fight against the pervasive feelings of comparison and the disillusionment that comes with feeling stuck.

Plunging into more weighty subject matter, ‘The Price Of Life Itself’ grapples with the deeply flawed structures that lay at the foundation of American society. Through reverberated vocals and grainy electric guitar, the track came about when the artist saw a militarized police response to an entirely peaceful protest with his own eyes in the midst of the 2020 Black Lives Matter demonstrations. 

The dark, synthy lead single ‘I’m Afraid I’ll Go To Heaven’ is a bold look at religion as it pertains to the modern political system and like much of Moon Walker’s music, strikes a balance between sarcasm and sincerity. 

With his second LP now out in the big wide world, Moon Walker reflects on the various effects the pandemic had on his life, and took a hard look in the mirror. 

He siad: “Making this record was really my way of navigating through the pandemic. In addition to the emotional havoc that was wreaked on the vast majority of human beings, I felt like my career was reaching a dead end. 

“My band was breaking up, jobs weren’t easy to come by, my first solo record hadn’t yet seen any success, and my future felt more uncertain than it ever had before. When so little in life is going your way, it’s easy to start hating what you see in the mirror. And when you hate what you see in the mirror, you tend to put a lot of hatred into the world.”

Beginning to grow increasingly disillusioned, Moon Walker continues, “Plus, the political climate was unbelievably volatile. I think that the mixture of being deprived of social interaction for several years and watching so many absolutely vile ideologies rise to the surface left me feeling extremely alienated. It’s difficult to have any desire to rejoin a society that is genuinely divided on issues like anti-LGBT legislation, and misogynistic Supreme Court rulings. I wonder if so many people would so proudly advocate for hatred, segregation and oppression if they learned to stop hating what they saw in the mirror.”

Moon Walker’s thrilling, explosive sophomore LP The Attack Of Mirrors is out everywhere now, including a limited run on vinyl here.

Featured images by Madison McConnell

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