DXRKKNGHT: The Tampa artist bringing the European sounds of post-punk, dark wave and alt rock to the states

DXRKKNGHT is a project that formed from encouraging friends to share his musical experimentations to the world. The latest EP ‘WXSTED YOUTH’ is a collection of terrific rock songs that have resemblance to Bloc Party and some vocal elements do remind me of Kele Okereke. 

“The EP is about how we waste so much of our youth on love and validation as well as his personal experiences in doing so, I like to see it as me letting go of my past to move onto this new chapter in life,” says the 21-year-old on the release. “All my songs in the past have been ‘aesthetic rap’ songs or ‘cloud rap’ songs, so this release was a complete 180 from anything I’ve done before and I’m glad that I took this leap of faith. I’ve been searching for a way to make music that really fits the name of ‘DXRKKNGHT’ and I feel this release does that perfectly; offering a dark but very chill mood/vibe.” 

And he’s right, this is definitely something completely different and if it wasn’t for this EP we might not have even thought about including it in an indie rock magazine, but what stood out was how cool it sounds. It has throwback elements to UK 00’s rock and new wave artists like Joy Division and New Order.  

Most songs from the EP were recorded after a break up with an ex-girlfriend so a lot of songs go through the motions and looking back on things whilst also venting anger about a strife with family. “I use my music as an outlet, my purest form of expression,” expressed DXRKKNGHT. “Anyone can really listen to my music and understand the things that go on in my life and in my head.” 

DXRKKNGHT’s ex was the one who actually introduced him to post-punk and since then he fell in love with the genre – so we really do have her to thank for this experimental EP. Opening track ‘EXIST’ is about the idea that his ex hates him after their break up and how he has come to terms with her newfound feelings towards him. ‘1111’ looks at understanding his relationship is finished and it’s time to move to go through the feeling of losing a loved one.

This project showed DXRKKNGHT that he can make anything he wants and express himself without fear of being judged or losing supporters. It’s a moment where he’s come to the realisation he can be that artist that pleases himself first as he explains: “I don’t have to just be the DXRKKNGHT who makes cloud and aesthetic rap, I can be that artist who covers all genres and topics. It also made him much more comfortable singing which is an insecurity I’ve dealt with for a while now.”

Moving onto ‘THE GIRL IN ALL BLXCK’, this is a moves beyond these insecurities as it was the first post-punk song written in this style. “This song got me comfortable making this type of music even for it being so different from what I was usually doing at the time.”

‘SIDE EFFECTS OF LIFE’ on the other hand was made during a manic phase DXRKKNGHT was having where he felt helpless and believed his life was wasting away. And last but not least, ‘TXKE ME BXCK’ was made after…

Want to read more about DXRKKNGHT? Check out the full interview inside abridged. magazine issue 5 here.

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