False Heads return with spooky single ‘Haunted Houses’

False Heads offer fans a glimpse of what’s to come as they share scintillating single ‘Haunted Houses’ featuring punk icon Frank Turner. 

Taken from the trio’s long-awaited second album Sick Moon, the band sends shivers down your spine as the booming single has fire in its belly. 

With Frank Turner on guitars and vocals, the eerie track is overflowing with frenetic layers of noise and spooky, seesawing instrumentals. The rumbling guitars and punk-filled chorus ramps up the anxiety with an unchained and anthemic velocity.

The track is ultimately about those horrors that lurk in plain sight, as opposed to anything too otherworldly, as frontman Luke Griffiths explains of the song: “‘Haunted Houses’ is about living with your own mental health problems and all the different versions of yourself that you have to cohabit with, only to then have to deal with the rest of the world too. 

“I don’t believe in the supernatural and there is definitely no god. Yet most of our species focus on religion or the supernatural because they can’t deal with themselves.

“But I think you watch the show of your life in the front row seats. You’re born into a Haunted House and you live with the ghosts of your own life.”

False Heads’ forthcoming album Sick Moon was born partly out of frontman Luke’s frustration at the music industry over the past few years. “Rock and pop music have become an endeavour for kids from super-rich families, or with parents already in the industry,” he says.

Following up on 2020’s ‘It’s All There But You’re Dreaming’, its record that grapples with these bigger ideas, as well as Luke’s own personal battles, the vocalist adds of the album: “The album is just a pure expression of everything I’ve felt and feel. It’s pure rage, isolation, and alienation, yet also sarcastic and hopefully sprinkled with a bit of humour. It’s a stream of consciousness I used to deal with my struggles with depression, insomnia, anxiety, and issues with substance abuse.”

With ‘Sick Moon’ set for release on September 30th, the band will also be heading out on their most extensive UK and European tour to date from October 2022. Full dates and details are here.

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