Mancunian Magic: Castles in Canopy Release ‘Peculiar’ New Indie-Pop Anthem

Hailing from the North-West, Mancunian quartet Castles in Canopy are here to revitalise the indie-pop scene with the emergence of their ninth single ‘Peculiar’. 

Founded by the immeasurable talent of frontman Ash Houston, Castles in Canopy was born of resilience and determination in the face of setbacks and obstacles. Accompanied by original band member, Simon Cull, the pair conquered their hindrances and resurfaced, stronger than ever, with new bandmates, Tom Dawes (guitar) and Alice Smith (drums).

Drawing from a broad spectrum of influences like Oasis, Biffy Clyro and Jamiroquai, Castles in Canopy effuses a pop-plucked vim into their latest track that celebrates nostalgia. Enriched by catchy, charismatic melodies, ‘Peculiar’ is one track that’ll put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. 


Due to release this September, indie-pop lovers everywhere should grab their headphones and tune into this vivid tapestry of lustre and wonder!

Impressively born out of free-style lyricism, ‘Peculiar’ encircles the theme of ‘tempting events when we were younger’ and being caught in juvenile romance. Such a relatable message is only one of the facets of this track that makes it so addictive. 

Commencing with the buttery, mellow timbres of Cull’s bass, ‘Peculiar’ doesn’t take long to kick the track into a vibrant fifth gear. Closely followed by Dawes’s vivace boutade on guitar, the harmonies within the instrumentation gleam like an inferno of delight. 

Houston’s vocals then erupt, elevating the track to sky-brightening dynamics! Bolstered by a sprightly brook of Smith’s euphoric drum beats, Houston stands passionately at the prow of the track, tying together every vivacious element of ‘Peculiar’. 

The track is three and a half minutes of non-stop glee, reminiscent of the bright-eyed moxie of the Wombats! 

It is easy to get lost in the popular, indie-pop scene but Castles in Canopy maintains their uniqueness by employing dulcet, warm vocal timbres, ethereal instrumentals and a stage-blazing arrangement. 

Racing to a sudden diminuendo, the track fades abruptly, leaving the listener with a zestful enthusiasm that will leave them dancing around their kitchens and singing in their showers! 

Castles in Canopy

Castles in Canopy pride themselves on their ability to produce ‘perfect indie-pop anthems’ and ‘Peculiar’ is no exception. 

Having received praise from Jamiroquai’s very own drummer, Derrick Meckenzie, it is safe to say that this quartet has a very promising future ahead of them. 

On the road to establishing a larger fanbase, I can safely affirm that I am a new ‘canopidian’. 

Aren’t you? 

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