2 Ways Indie Musicians Can Improve Engagement On TikTok

The biggest mistake made by independent musicians on TikTok is to assume that anyone cares about their music. In this article, we’ll show you two simple ways to improve TikTok viewability and engagement.

Winning on TikTok starts with entertainment

TikTok is an entertainment platform its closest competitors are Netflix and Disney Plus, not Facebook or Instagram. When you create a profile on TikTok it’s best to think of yourself as a TV channel. What kind of shows are you going to make?

Recent research by Major Labl identified successful content on TikTok falls under 11 different archetypes. Sadly there isn’t one called ‘Musician’. However, there is one called ‘The Entertainer’. This means everything you post better be entertaining! If all you do, is implore people to listen to your new single, you will fail.

The musicians winning on TikTok realise their music is unlikely to be the headline. It’s the soundtrack or the glue that helps the content hold together. Evoking emotion is always going to be more powerful, than rational or functional sales messages pushing your new release.

Here are two simple ways to improve TikTok engagement rates and viewability.

The Hook

The first words you say, and the first words that appear on your captions can be the difference between a view and a new follower and a swipe. So next time you post, try to incorporate a hook at the start to drive improved engagement.

“Watch till the end!”
“I need your help…”
“I’ve got a secret”
“This one is for ___”
“Quick Reminder!”
“ Did you know that…”
“Hear me out…”
“Stop scrolling!”
I can’t believe what I just discovered!
___ type of people stop scrolling!
Everything you knew about ___ is 100% WRONG! (+ a good example)
Stop scrolling if you want to do ___
Come with me to do ___
Do you have problems with ___? Well, I just found the perfect solution!
This is a reminder to do ___
Follow this step-by-step process to successfully ___
This is the story of ___
Don’t make this mistake when doing ___
Why does no one talk about this?
You need to stop doing this!
If you want to do ___, you need to do this!
Red flags to look for in ___
5 mistakes you are probably making when you ___
This free ___ is a game-changer!
Here are 3 signs that you should ___
I tried every ___ so you don’t have to!
The BEST ___ I’ve ever used!
Is it just me, or ___
Stop everything you are doing___
Can you believe____

The Thumbnail

YouTubers have spent years perfecting the video thumbnail and you should too. Take a moment to look back at your feed and ask yourself which video thumbnails most entice you to watch. Best practice elements include:

 You face in focus
 Something intriguing or different
 Words/title on screen

Look at a sample of images from Connor Price, an independent musician who is setting the benchmarks for success on social media.

If you have entertaining content, great music combined with a hook and a strong video thumbnail your content viewability will increase. So get posting!

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