The Wildwood Family – Random Number (Album)

Montreal five-piece country-folk band, The Wildwood Family, release their new album, Random Number. It consists of seven fascinating English songs. Regarding the project, The Wildwood Family stated that they wanted to write something that would be in keeping with the Carter Sisters’ covers that they have been playing for years.

When Rain Turns Into Snow begins the album by introducing some catchy melodies that become increasingly appealing as it progresses. Several cool details can be found throughout. The chorus enters nicely. Devil’s Crush has an interesting rhythmical structure and a mysterious aura. Its lyrics are profound, impelling you not to fall for the wrong person.

The title track Random Number explores how it feels to be lost and how you can take control of your destiny. The vocals soar over the backdrop with confidence. When I’m Free is characterized by a traditional sound, but retains enough modern flair. It makes you think about what freedom means to you.

I’ve Been Told engages on all levels and quickly moves into Long Long Road. Together, they develop some real tension. You don’t want to stop listening. Selfish is drenched in old-school jazz tones, setting it apart as unique.

We can’t say enough good things about Random Number. Nothing compares to it. Start listening below!

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