Wax Jaw’s Debut EP ‘Between The Teeth’: A Thrilling Dive into Indie Rock, New Wave, and Punk

Introducing Philadelphia-based indie rock, new wave, punk band Wax Jaw and their debut EP “Between The Teeth.” Wax Jaw is new to the indie music scene, having recently formed as a band in February. Achieving a tight sound, discovering their unique musical identity, and producing an authentic record in under a year is a remarkable accomplishment deserving of significant acclaim. Wax Jaw’s dedication and sound deserves high praises!

The EP starts off with previously released single “Be The Man.” This was my personal introduction to Wax Jaw and their sound captivated my attention right away. “Be The Man,” brilliantly fuses elements of early rock ‘n’ roll, surf rock, and post-punk. With thunderous drumbeats, a seamless blend of surf and rock ‘n’ roll guitars, and electrifying vocals, “Be The Man” exudes high-energy in both its instrumentation and vocal delivery. The compelling vocals command the audience’s focus, ensuring every lyric shines through. This guitar-driven anthem features impeccably toned guitars, making it an irresistible, high-octane masterpiece that demands to be heard.

“Big Hang” delves further into the realm of surf rock and even ventures into the dream pop genre. The interplay of guitars, along with the matter-of-fact vocal delivery, conjures a fusion of genres that keeps the listener invested in the song all the way through. The rhythmic drum beats, accompanied by hand claps, infuse a distinct retro essence into the music. The song has a fun breakdown section that features a wailing guitar solo. The song creatively ends with a landline phone dialing and ringing, adding to the track’s nostalgic essence.

The tone gets a bit darker for the 3rd track, “Cavities In My Heart.” This track has a Riot Grrrl energy to the vocal delivery. Lyrically, the song is about heartbreak, the energy in the vocal delivery suggests that the singer has taken power back. It’s an empowering listen.

Bass drives the introduction of “The Mirror” which quickly leads into screaming guitars and more Riot Grrrl-style vocals. This song is contagious – it’s high energy, quickly paced, danceable, and super catchy. “The Mirror” is my personal favorite song on the record – both musically and vocally.

“Checking Me Out” is a more mellow track but equally catchy and memorable as the previous songs on the EP. We find more reverb-doused guitars and great lyricism. By the end of “Checking Me Out” you will most likely find yourself singing along.

The grand finale is filled with psychedelic guitar riffs and angsty vocals. “Beach (On My Own)” is a drum heavy song with an intoxicating performance. The energy ramps up even more, mid-way through when the songs’ tempo doubles. Rock n’ roll guitar riffing and vocals deliver the anthemic lyrics: “Fuck it, let’s go to the beach…”

“Between the Teeth” is an exclamation of life, heartbreak, even anger at times. Much of writing this EP has been an experience in self discovery – looking at what speaks to my core self, even my inner child that was searching for a voice. I accessed a variety of stylistic inspirations – the B52s, New Order, Hand Wood – distinctive artists that when you hear them, you know exactly who you’re listening to. We also wanted our music to translate easily to live performance, to create unforgettable show experiences for our audience. We ultimately came together to write what became an entirely refreshing, ‘punch-you-in-the-face’ energy piece. Combining new-wave, post-punk, and surf rock elements, we wanted to create an EP worth sinking your teeth into.” – Shane, singer of Wax Jaw

The EP was released on Abandon Everything Records and is available on all streaming platforms as well in physical form on vinyl! The vinyl version of the record includes a bonus track titled “Attitude.” Click here to buy the vinyl via BandCamp. You can listen on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata, Click for A Review Request

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