Blueburst – Significance (Album)

Significance is the debut album from Craig Douglas Miller and Marty Willson-Piper’s new project, Blueburst. It has a strong identity thanks to its style. Expect the unexpected. Blueburst did some really cool stuff. So pay attention to these two guys.

The album opens with Vanish, which is rooted in 80s/90s post-punk and other genres. The next two tracks Executioner’s Song and Senseless are both exceptional. While they sound differently, they complement one another well. Mainly because of the drum pattern, Supernova feels perfect. Kick My Tires will enchant you with powerful guitar work. Maybe the most notable tune here is Bravado, whose melody is phenomenal. It’s a tribute to deceased drummer Neil Peart and a cover of a Rush song. You can notice the drums are missing. Amplify Me and Come Alive make you want to jump around your room all day long. They’re full of energy. Finito wraps up the album like it should.

Lyrically, Miller reflects the angst and turmoil of recent years through the prism of his rejuvenated spirit. In his 50s, he has overcome mid-life crisis constraints, embracing a newfound zest for life and music.

By capturing life’s fleeting moments, Blueburst’s sonic tapestry resonates with people seeking a cathartic release. To ensure that you’re not missing any intricate details, we recommend listening to Significance twice. Check it out below!

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